Last comments for json_encode()

On 26. Jul 2017 11:30 fra wrote:

array short syntax doesn't work, ex. json_encode(['key' => 'value'])

On 17. May 2016 14:59 some1 wrote:

a nested array in a nested array does not work. array(array(array())) does not result in [[[]]] but in 'array(array(array()))'

On 18. Jul 2015 01:45 jacko wrote:

i can't seem to get the syntax right in my php for cleaning a text input with jason_encode prior to inserting it into the database. Can you advise?

On 16. Jul 2014 19:03 myselfhimself wrote:

Hello ! Thank you very much for that awesome website !!!! : ) It would be nice to have fields for $options and $depth optional parameters : ) Those were added in PHP 5.4 and 5.5 respectively. Take care !!